Advantages and Issues Related to Cloud Computing for Web Application

There are several advantages to cloud computing and some of them are presented below:


It is easy to see that start-up enterprise companies do not have to invest huge sums of money into setting up infrastructure such as huge application servers, data servers, database administrators, people resources for managing such critical systems including backup and recovery, etc. Instead, enterprise companies pay for services based on usage.


It is simple to use and set up all the services without having to worry about resource management and other hassles that come with infrastructure set up and management.


Network and data access are guaranteed to be reliably maintained as the service provides are experts in maintaining the infrastructure and such reliability is backed by some kind of "money back guarantees" or penalties for the providers in the event if they have a down time.


Service consumers have the flexibility to "outsource" parts of the infrastructure and can still maintain to some extent proprietary data at their own site.

Collaboration Since all the applications are on the cloud, it becomes a natural fit for consumers to effectively collaborate on a common project or application.