WilmerTech offers highly competitive services in healthcare industry. We are systems integrators of healthcare systems in USA. CMS efforts to revamp Medicare and Medicaid processes resulted emergence of highly sophisticated technology frameworks to bring about interoperability among the healthcare systems in use for recording the patients' health records. The systems available EMR, EHR, PHR provided for exchange of the information through paper based records. CMS efforts are to provide for systems to facilitate electronic exchange of information among the healthcare providers and the patients. The challenge for such exchange of information among the different systems is interoperability as the data is stored in the disparate formats. The frameworks like Healthcare Level 7(HL7), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for systems integration, emerged to address the challenge.

We currently offer services using Health IT products. Our target customers are individual care providers, local, state, Federal, small, medium and large Health care organizations. We help these agencies to setup a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network connectivity and interoperability. NwHIN Connect &Aurion Consulting Services.

We closely worked with CMS and contributed in development of Connect, the open source software for interoperability of healthcare systems. Our extensive involvement in the healthcare systems and the experience and expert knowledge empowered us to build the products:


Health Services


Our services in healthcare systems integration are dependable and effective to ensure the healthcare providers are compliant with the Federal policy in USA. We have the privilege of contributing our services to several of our clients to build solutions for effective Health Information Management (HIM) and securely handle confidential patient-identifiable information.