Mobile First

Mobile first is our top of the line services strategy to deliver cost effective and mobile applications. Positioned to take off with emerging trends to jump start delivering solutions to the rapidly changing business requirements and to be in pace with the trend of use of mobiles by consumers for their business transactions, Wilmer adapts Mobile First strategy for development of web applications.We believe that User experience and brand success is at the core of any Mobile Application Development. WilmerTech team develops application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Our approach is to initially design for smaller screens and the content (aligned to the small screen) first and progressively enhance the application, adding features and content for wider screens, instead of designing for bigger screens and shrink the application features. We offer feature-rich enterprise mobile application development services and mobility solutions to let you increase business efficiency and enterprise mobility.

Increase your business efficiency and enterprise mobility with our feature-rich mobility solutions and mobile application development services. WilmerTech, as a mobile app development company working across diverse mobile platforms to provide clients with optimized solutions to their mobile app development requirements.

Mobile First

Mobile First Center of Excellence (CoE)

In order to leverage the full potential of technologies and trends, we have set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Mobility. Our CoE specializes in platform specific offerings based on iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Pro and also on cross platform offerings using frameworks such as Titanium, Phone Gap, Sencha, XCode and others. Our technology evangelists build solutions that are ahead of the curve by leveraging emerging technologies.

Technical consulting Turnkey / specific consulting across technology areas

Pre-built solutions Solutions that can be adopted with near zero customization

Mobile Services Across iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows that include:

Customer-Centric Mobile Solutions Across iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows that include:

Our services strategy focuses on Mobile First and our design and development teams are fully equipped with mobile technologies in all flavors of devices - Android, iOS and hybrid to offer state-of-art solutions and services on the mobile phones.