Our Approach

Our strategic intent is to be the leading provider of IT solutions and services. We believe that integrity , honesty and talented employee engagement builds lasting relationships with our clients and ensures consistent and timely delivery of quality solutions.

Our approach to development emanates from our conviction that the client's business interest is ours and we contribute our best efforts to meet the most optimistic expectation of our clients.

We bring out combination of our passion for emerging advanced technologies and pragmatic business processes in every engagement we undertake.

The development engagements are twofold. 1.Full lifecycle application development and 2. Collaborative development. In case of full lifecycle development we assume responsibility from end to end - analysis, design, development , testing , deployment and integrate the systems . In the collaborative model of development , we work with the client's team to analyze, design, develop , test , deploy and integrate the systems.


Explore the business objective and the perception of the solution offered to identify the detailed processes and their cause and effect to prepare elaborate list of items of requirement. The project scope and requirement documents are output of this process.

It Staffing Wilmertech
Define Wilmertech


The objectives of the application and various components involved are categorically defined and their role and relationships among the components are spelt out with the highest level of clarity. The output of this process is the document with specifics of the components to be built with reference to each of the requirements.


The whole gamut of actions involved in the application are designed to depict the expected functionality of each of the component in the application. The design document is the output at this stage.

Define Wilmertech
Develop Wilmertech


The application is developed as per the design orchestrated in the stage 3. The developers work towards completion of the sprints. Each build of the application is progressively , placed in the repository with access to the client


The process of development is followed by evaluation and testing of the sprints completed.

Evaluate Wilmertech
Deploy Wilmertech


On completion of the development, the application is deployed for clients use.

Our approach for software development is Agile methodology. Our teams are well versed with the practices of agile methodology and to identify the sprints of strategic importance relevant to the business objective of the application. The result of the inspect-and-adapt approach in Agile methodology greatly reduces the cost and time of development.