Product Development

WilmerTech product development services are very ingenious. Wehelp Organizations, startups and individuals in effective and efficient realization of their dreams and product concepts with reduced time to market. Products are a consequence of ideas, concepts and need tremendous efforts in realization/implementation.Give us your idea we will give life to it. Our product development services are full-fledged. We offer services for product development for creation of totally new product to satisfy the needs of the customers or of a market niche.

WilmerTech has a highly motivated, professional and dedicated team who can make a dream to reality with the best efforts. Our team do an extensive research on the concept to understand the clients and end user's requirements and consistently strive to find the right solution and method accordingly.

Our Product Life Cycle comprises of: Our software product engineering offers:
Product Development

Our experience in the products development is extensive. Our processes for product development are methodical and enable us to get deep insight into the product objectives and the problems addressed. Our business analysts do the SWOT analysis, screen the idea, test the underlying concept, identify and define the metrics for monitoring progress, conduct beta tests of marketability, choose and design the technical framework to build the product, and strategize for commercial launch of the product.

Product Definition:
In this phase we define the process of actually designing and developing the product. We explore ideas and refine them in terms of defining the product specifications, hardware and software platforms to be used, project plan, cost, time frame, quality, usability, test procedures & plans (test cases, test scripts & matrixes, test schedules, test conditions, test status reports etc.) Product release deadline, maintenance & support, and finally future version plans.

The product architecture functions as the building blocks of any product. In this phase we carefully develop the architecture of the product after evaluating all the relevant hardware and software platforms, maintenance and support requirements, porting requirements across various platforms, future enhancement and version controls.

Our product development team, as a whole, takes responsibilities for the strategic direction of the product agenda and road map, as well as developing the product as per the specifications.

Delivery and Testing:
Before we deliver the final end product, we work rigorously with the original specifications to ensure that the product is built as planned before it enters the testing phase. We develop the following test plans and procedures at the project definition phase.

Our testing plans also includes testing of the areas such as functional, Unit, Integration, Regression, Compatibility, Installation, Security, Performance, User Acceptance and End to End transactions.

Product Maintenance

Product maintenance is very important for keeping the product competitive in the market. Completion of the development of a product begins the process of its maintenance. The most significant need for Product maintenance is to upgrade it to the next version, with necessary modifications based upon the feedback from the users.

Product Maintenance

The maintenance activities are primarily categorized into:

The WilmerTech model defines the procedures for problem identification and verification, for requests seeking modifications, for modification implementation which includes analysis and development, for review and approvals for modifications, for migration of the changed product and also for product retirement plan to deploy the latest version of the product.Our competence for product maintenance is next to none in wide spectrum of the technologies including the legacy systems.

Implementation and Support:
We work with our client in final implementation of the software that includes production launch, preparation of user manual, user training, ongoing maintenance and support. Our ongoing maintenance of the software includes fixing customer reported bugs and change requests.

Future Enhancement:
As end users start using the products, companies must plan for the next versions so that the new features can be incorporated in the next version. We work with our client right from the concept development stage and develop pre-defined future version documents. We also provide well-defined version control methodology to ensure smooth transition to higher versions. We also provide porting service and re-engineering the software to new operating system platforms or technologies as per the business objectives of our customers.

WilmerTech serves clients in many industries, and in many countries, including the U.S., Australia, Japan, the Middle East and Far East, Europe and India. Our customer satisfaction ranking is excellent and we have served some clients for over ten years. Our clients include small, medium and large enterprises. We are a SWAM & EDWOSB certified, software products and services company. Our clients receive the best value, and the best products and services available in the market today!